What’s Your Deal Coca-Cola?

It seems like the bigger a company becomes, the less environmentally responsible they think they have to be. Profit comes first, and the environment comes second (if at all). That is how it has always been for companies like Coca Cola, Chevron, Ford, Walmart, and so many more.

As Adam Lowry, CEO of Method household products, mentions in “Why Evil Is Better in Business (or Is It?)INC, businesses think that their way to “‘do good’ is to make as much money as possible and then donate some of it to causes it thinks are important.” But people are starting to question these companies right, or wrong doings. Just because you donate money to probable causes, does not take away the fact that you are harming the earth in one way or another.

This leads to another hidden problem. Being a sustainable business does not just mean keeping carbon out of the air or not chopping down trees, it also means protecting humans from disease, or keeping animals out of harm. It means not overusing your resources to make your product or not monopolizing the economy. This is how companies can cover up the wrongs with rights.

Coca-Cola has revealed that they are using sustainable packaging, protecting workers rights, and building water plants for poor communities. This is all really great except for the part where they forgot how they are contributing to one the top ten leading causes of death in America, Obesity or in technical terms Diabetes.

global_obesity_fat_americans_30_percent_of_world_s_human_biomass-650x487Climate Change is real and relevant to everyone, including these large corporations. Where there is a lot of impact, there should be a lot of change. These companies are a large part of the negative effects happening on the environment so they should be the ones making the biggest changes in terms of becoming more sustainable, not only as a company but with their own products especially. Supporting charities and helping developing countries is good, and should continue. But the first thing that should happen is for these companies to take a look at their own products first and make a change there.

Whether these companies believe in Climate Change or not, eventually their resources will run out if they continue to use at the same rate they do now or have for the past 20+ years. So why not make a shift now? Why not focus on promoting health and sustainability in your own product instead of putting the focus on others? Your drink is the problem Coca-Cola. You are the problem. Let’s Start There!


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