Beyond the Fad…

How can we communicate sustainability? It is hard for us to grasp large numbers especially when it comes to global warming. We are told that we consume almost two earth’s worth of resources, that the ocean has warmed a degree, and that the population is now at seven billion. But the reality is that we do not have two earth’s, we cannot physically see the change in one degree, and were only exposed to a very small fraction of that seven billion. So how do we change people’s behavior if the problem is not exactly visible?

GFN_EOS_infographic_v5We need to stop looking to communicate on a large scale and instead start small. Start local. How can we help our friends and family think sustainable? What can our grocery stores, waste management, water and energy do to communicate sustainability? How can we change sustainability from a negative burden to a positive habit?

Like I said, we need to start local, we need to make the information we are sharing relevant to those around us, and we need to share positivity and knowledge in order to get the idea of sustainability into an everyday routine.

3dc74983-7588-4da1-b8b7-2765e7105519The first thing we can do is take initiative ourselves.

  • Recycle your plastics and glass
  • Buy locally grown food
  • Trap the rain water for garden/yard use
  • Do your research
  • Buy what you can eat
  • Turn the faucet off in between brushing teeth

These are just a few really simple, small scale ways to be more sustainable everyday.


Second is to take initiative to teach our friends and family.

There are so many ways to get people excited, happy, or at least used to being sustainable we just have to find better ways to communicate it to people. It has to stop being a fad and start becoming a reality.









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