The Dark Side of Fashion

Fashion; The second largest pollutant to Earth after Oil.  As sales go up, so do the pesticides, workers deaths, and debt to the farmers. So why do we still support such a harmful industry? Simple, because we get items like this.

But does that really weigh out the consequences of 350,000 farmer suicides just in India, or factory workers that cant keep their kids, or pesticides causing birth defects and mental illness of the neighboring citizens? I do not think so.


Neither do these companies; Levi, Patagonia, Hasmik, Danish Fashion Institute, and Eco-Age. That is why they have created programs to grow both consumers and producers knowledge on sustainability.

One of the issues with this side of fashion is that companies will over produce and not sell all they made. Patagonia created a campaign called “Do Not Buy This Jacket”. The point of the campaign was to advise consumers that the production of this jacket is harmful to the environment therefore do not buy it if it is not needed.

dont-buy-this-jacket-308Patagonia has also created a solution to the clothing waste after it is bought. Their program called “Worn Wear” allows customers to get their worn out clothing repaired or they can send it into Patagonia where it can then be recycled to create a new product.


Levis Eric Joule has come up with a way to distress the jeans without using fresh water. The original process of distressing jeans took tons of water through several cycles just to get the perfect ffades11-375x500ade. Now Levis is saving fresh water by suggesting the use of ocean water.
Hamsik has created a program in effort to reduce the waste of clothing. Her clothes are designed only as samples and can be rented to wear.

The Danish Fashion Institutes’ Eva Kruse teaches sustainable fashion throughout the courses. Hoping for a better future of designers and fashion industry professionals.

But these efforts do not take away from the fact that Forever 21, H&M, and many other, much larger companies are getting away with pushing their workers to their breaking point or their clothes piling up in landfills and causing gas emissions. Companies need to turn the focus away from money and towards creating a greater environment on the inside as well as not hurting the environment on the outside.



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