The Sustainable Machine

How did we get this …

Instead of this?


And how can we achieve the later of the two in the future?

Although it may seem like established neighborhoods’ ability to be rejuvenated is long gone, the truth may surprise you. Many people are realizing that their cities need some TLC and environmentally friendly alternatives in order for the city to withstand time.

One example is the Eco Village in Los Angeles. This village is made of residents who commit to lowering their environmental impact everyday. They do this by using less water, riding bikes instead of cars to work, growing their own food, and spreading knowledge on sustainability.

Another example is The Sustainable City in Dubai who has plaeco-20sustain-img12ns to give residents golf carts so they do not have to use cars. They install solar panels on all homes. The kids will go to a “Green School”, educating them on living a sustainable life. Organic farms and individual farms will be implemented within the town homes. Sports in recreation will be encouraged. There will be 100% water and waste recycling as well.
More cities have began to incorporate useful ways to create less of an impact on the earth. Some cities have found ways to use trash for energy. Other cities have put in new irrigation and energy systems to use less. There are many changes that can be made to each and every city including the ones I have mentioned just to make less of an impact on the place we live.


It has been said in many different sources that the City is a machine. The city creates jobs, communities, friends, families. So why not give the city the same kind of requirements as we do machines, sustainable machines? A machine that uses less energy, less water, recycles waste, and reduces the big elephant footprint on the environment.



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