Living A Sustainable Life

There is so much confusion, frustration and negativity when it comes to learning just how unsustainable we live our lives. It may seem even more confusing and frustrating when trying to figure out how to live a sustainable life. But fear not, living a sustainable life is not as hard as it seems. There are many ways, tricks and tips to living a life that you can feel good about and that is not too difficult. With just a little bit of effort, a lifestyle that considers the earth can be achieved.

First things first…

  • Ditch the Plastic: Whether it’s your grocery bags, food packaging, body care, cleaning supplies, plastic is plastic and it always harms something. Replace plastic bags at the grocery store with reusable grocery bags. Buy from bulk and bring cloth bags or mason jars. This decreases the amount of packaging used  and also decluters your kitchen.willimanticbounty-1024x768
  • Discover Your Green Thumb: Growing your own food can be rewarding. This reduces the emissions used to transfer food, eliminates the risk of pesticides or GMO’s, and it urges you to eat less meat. Meat uses a crazy amount of water to produce.
  • Use Less Water: Your clothes do not need to be washed after one wear. Your dishes do not need an extra rinse in the dishwasher or a dishwasher at all. Your sinks do not need to run while brushing your teeth. Your sprinklers do not need to go off after it rains or in the middle of the day. Eat less meat.
  • Drive Less, Walk More: Or just carpool.
  • Buy What You Need Not What You Want: Food or clothes, buying more than you need results in trash. Trash is waste sitting in landfills emitting gas into the air and polluting the water.dont-buy-this-jacket-308
  • Clean Without Chemicals: Vinegar, baking soda and a sponge is the best cleaner you will ever use and the cheapest. Cleaning supplies are full of chemicals that spread across your home where you eat, breathe, sleep, and shower.
  • Take a Second to Look At the Labels: Read your food. Look for USDA Organic, Fair trade, B Corp, and Non GMO Verified.food_labels_explained
  • Use the Stairs: Remain healthy while using less electricity.
  • Bring Your Own Cup: Think about all the plastic and cardboard cups you go through each day for water, coffee, soda, etc. Bring your own bottle or coffee mug to fill up at any coffee shop or restaurant.
  • Use the Sun: Solar Panels can be expensive but the sun can be used in many ways around the home. Utilize the sunlight for as long as possible so you do not have to turn the switch on. Use sunlight and shade for heating and cooling, reducing the AC use.
  • Speaking of AC: Open the doors and windows at night to let cool, fresh air in.
  • Get These Apps: iRecycle– Where, When and How to recycle wherever you live. HowGood– How good is that item your buying for you and for the environment? Zero Carbon– Track your CO2. Green Tips & Tricks– Maybe some more helpful tips than I have given! JouleBug– Earn points by living sustainably, it can be a game.

There really are a lot of easy ways to transform your life for the better. Live a life that you can feel good about. Influence those around you. And translate your lifestyle to your work style.







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